Who we are

AFAMOUR It is the business organization representative of the interests of the manufacturers of street furniture and playgrounds nationwide. It was founded in Madrid in November of 2001 by a group of businessmen with the need to create an Association for the coordination, representation, management, promotion and defence of the common and general interests of this group.

AFAMOUR He has followed a path of constant growth since, currently integrating more of 30 companies, who are active in the Spanish territory.

AFAMOUR is the national business organization that represents the interests of manufacturers of street furniture and playgrounds. It was founded in Madrid as a result of the collaboration of a group of businessmen, who recognized the need to establish an association that could coordinate, represent, manage, promote and defend the general and common interests of this sector.

Since its foundation in 2001, AFAMOUR has experienced a constant growth and currently comprises more than 30 companies operating in the Spanish territory.

AFAMOUR contributes to the improvement and development of economically, socially and environmentally sustainable cities, through the design, manufacture, distribution and certification of playgrounds, street furniture and sports areas, as these environments are part of people’s lives in their different stages.