What do we offer?

The work of AFAMOUR as a sectoral partnership is to facilitate the relationship and knowledge between companies, pooling sectoral problems, represent the Sector in the country's business forums and support companies on labour advice, environmental environment and sustainable development.


The partner may benefit from the following benefits:


  1. Form for one of the associations whose scope of action is limited to the most representative playgrounds and urban furniture at the state level.
  2. Having a valid and effective industry partner before all Administrations and Economic Operators.
  3. Receive information assiduously of all regulatory changes affecting the sector directly and indirectly.
  4. Economic advantages in participating in trade fairs and events related to the sector.
  5. Benefit from agreements reached by AFAMOUR with other associations and companies-
  6. Receive publications directly related to the sector, free of charge.
  7. Personal attention to the partner
  8. Conduct communication and dissemination activities of the sector and partner companies.


The main objectives it pursues are to:


  • Representing and defending the interests of the Sector.
  • Promote the development and strengthening of partner companies to continue in their line of continuous improvement of competitive improvement.
  • Supporting partners through: sectoral studies, training plans, innovation, recommendations and guides, preparation of support material, etc.