The Spanish Association of manufacturers of street furniture and playgrounds (AFAMOUR) is an Association of national, and non-profit, whose purpose is to unite the professionals involved in the design, manufacturing and marketing of all types of urban furniture (banks, litter bins, streetlights, posts, etc) and children's items, whether they be games/playgrounds, both indoor and outdoor, components for larger water systems, ,to defend the interests of this industrial sector within the national territory and of course, on the outside.

The role that develops in the society is also significant since their companies produce items that are part of our environment and participate in the infancy of the child, contributing to its progressive maturation with playful and confident game elements. Security is a maxim of the manufacturers of street furniture and playgrounds and to this end its companies engaged lot of efforts in the use of new technologies, use of new materials and design of spaces that comply with current regulations. Similarly the quality, design, the value of the brand and the image are configured as a key element in the growth of the sector. That's why, our main objectives are as follows:


  1. Representing companies in the sector in all areas.
  2. Defending the common interests of partners.
  3. Ensuring that the image of the sector is valued positively.
  4. Be the valid and effective partner of companies in the sector to public administrations and economic operators.
  5. Encouraging the relationship with Ministries with Industry competences, Environment, Economy, Trade, Health, Education collaborating in the promotion and updating of legislation that affects the activities of the sector and ensure its compliance.
  6. Fighting intrusiveness.
  7. Studying the problems affecting the sector, especially those related to quality and safety.
  8. Maintain relevant relationships with national and international entities related to the activities of partners.
  9. Encouraging the development of professional ethics both in relation to the public and among its members, associations and companies, strict compliance with competition rules.
  10. Promoting the progress of the sector in all its fields.