Zorde Inspections, S,L.
Tactical Business Park
C/ Botiguers No3, 2oB Office 3
46980 Paterna (Valencia)
T. Fixed: 960 727 817/ T. Mobile 636 954 863

ZORDE INSPECTIONS, S.l., is a Valencian Inspection Entity Accredited by ENAC accredited No. 338/EI561 according to the criteria set out in the UNE EN ISO/IEC Standard 17020:2012 (Conformity assessment. Requirements for the operation of different types of inspection bodies) for the activities of Children's Park Inspection and Sports Facilities.

We perform our services nationally and internationally, in the latter case on the basis of European regulations (EN standards).

Our main objective is to ensure that SECURITY users of this type of equipment installed.

Development of Inspection and Certificates of Conformity Activities:

  • Inspection and certification of Playgrounds according to the collection of UNE EN Standards 1176 and UNE IN 1177. They include the requirements SECURITY equipment from playgrounds, Swings, Slides, Zip lines, Carousels, Rocker, three-dimensional networks and fully enclosed gaming equipment.
  • Inspection and certification of field teams according to the Standards and their requirements for SECURITY UNE IN 748 (Football), UNE IN 749 (Handball), UNE IN 750 (Hockey) and UNE IN 1270 (Basketball).
  • Inspection and certification free-access sports teams according to the Standard and its requirements for SECURITY UNE IN 15312 (multisport tracks, multifunction tracks, outdoor sports equipment)
  • Inspection and certification of fixed outdoor fitness equipment according to the Standard and its requirements for SECURITY UNE-EN 16630 (bio-blesome equipment, cardio-udable equipment, Calisthenics, Street Workout).

INSPECTIONS ZORDE S.L., thanks to its Accreditation as a Type C inspection entity, carried out in addition to the main activity focused on the Inspection and Certification of playgrounds and sports facilities, the following services related to these facilities (not included in the scope of accreditation) without jeailing their independence and impartiality, As:

  • Training: adapted to the customer's needs; in person with the possibility of moving to the customer's premises, online or at our facilities (chance of bonus training).
  • Technical design advice, Installation, Maintenance. Project Drafting. Direction of works, etc.
  • Maintenance: playgrounds and sports facilities equipment.

Regarding the inspection process and subsequent issuance of INSPECTION REPORT and CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY, Type C entities have the same guarantee of technical and human means as Type A entities. This is demonstrated by the periodic Audits carried out by ENAC for compliance with these requirements in accordance with the INSPECTION RULE JOINS IN ISO/IEC 17020:2012.

The Accreditation is an international tool that builds confidence in the correct execution, demonstrating our technical competence as a conformity assessment body (Oec), as well as compliance with the requirements of independence and impartiality by offering, Therefore, trust our customers in the inspections we carry out. All of this, following a rigorous evaluation process by ENAC under the UNE EN ISO/IEC Standard 17020:2012.