Villa de Madrid, 30 – Jarro Fountain Polygon
46988 Paterna (Valencia) Spain
T +34 961 240 136
F +34 961 241 102

Molder Disnova® manufactures a wide range of products for various sectors. We provide solutions for the development of new products or improvement of existing, with castings in technical materials, as well as engineering and product design solutions. Our specialty has always been the children's playground and street furniture.

The company's production focuses on three main lines:

· Design and manufacture of molded parts in composite materials, especially polyester reinforced with glass fiber and carbon fiber (GRP). This high mechanical resistance and a high aesthetic parts are available. From 1994 We manufacture slides with this technology, for both indoor and outdoor playgrounds (with classification against fire) as for water parks. We also manufacture any product as in the concept and design of our client.

· In Molder Disnova® we are also specialized in the manufacture of plastic products in polyethylene by Rotomolding. We have the latest technology and rotational moulding machines of up to 4 meters in diameter, with which we can manufacture elements of up to 22 M3 in volume. Rotational molding allows us to cater to market the playground of an unlimited number of ideas with attractive colors and soft touch parts.

In summary, We can say that Molder Disnova offers all the solutions for the construction of playgrounds and urban furniture. We carry out the entire process of product development: design, prototyping, construction of moulds, manufacturing and marketing.