Pol. IND. Cantavella – c / Liria No. 8 / Mailbox 37
Sorels Albalat / Valencia / Spain 46135
T +34 96 149 45 12
F +34 96 149 46 02

Mobipark, S.L. It is a company specialized in the manufacture of children's playgrounds and street furniture. Founded in 1992 commitment to achieve innovation in all products presenting, a high level of quality in each of its projects and excellent service to all our customers. Mobipark has highly qualified professionals with the highest degree of specialization in Industrial Engineering and design draughtsman, in production, in installation, product care and maintenance, monitoring and quality control, you are perfectly coordinated in the implementation of each project. The entire Mobipark team is backed by the most modern and advanced technical means, computer and logistical. With all of this, its professionals have been able to win the confidence of customers in each of the works developed.

Bet on Mobipark is doing for the highest quality in playgrounds and urban furniture, endorsed by an ENAC-accredited certification company that annually monitors and approves on-site production processes, materials, measures and characteristics within the European standard, obtaining UNE-EN certificates 1176:2018, ISO 9001 e ISO 14001 providing their products of higher quality and security.