Lleida Street, 10, 08500 Vic. Barcelona. España
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Heirs of an industrial tradition of more than 100 years, that is palpable in the quality that defines each of our products, we enter the urban equipment sector with the brand Fundició Dúctil Benito in 1992. A decade marked by profound urban and social progress in which, by the hand of great architects such as Rafael Moneo, we managed to redefine the use that until then had been given to public space. Today, three decades later, we live in a time of great changes very similar and from BENITO, we keep intact our eagerness to democratize design, providing solutions to the problems demanded by the city of the XXI century.

In BENITO, we are convinced that the solution goes through design, a non-elitist design, sustainable and responsible and we apply it in each of the four product ranges we manufacture: Streetlight, Urban Furniture, Children's Games and Tapas and Bars.