Afamour shares in Symposium Urban Solutions the good practices in the creation of urban parks

Look at Jimenez, president of the Association, will deliver a lecture at this reference event, which is celebrated in Vigo del 20 to the 22 Afamour partners also participate as Aces XXI, Iberian HPC, Kompan Iberia and Sanpe Ingeniería The appointment, organized by the Cluster of Renewable Energies of Galicia, revolves around […]

The regulations of playgrounds, key to ensuring the safety and accessibility of children

Children's play and recreation spaces must comply with a series of obligations, installation and maintenance, so that the little ones can enjoy, relate and develop safely. To what regulations are the construction and maintenance of playgrounds subject?? What measures do you envisage to ensure safety and accessibility? […]

Playgrounds and children's right to play

Afamour reaffirms its commitment to excellence and innovation, taking a step forward in favor of inclusion as a criterion to be required in all gaming facilities. The objective is to achieve the integration of children of all ages and functional diversities, through accessible designs that respond to principles […]

AFAMOUR partners showcase their most innovative products at TECMA Fair

The International Fair of Urbanism and Environment will have the participation of 13 companies of the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Urban Furniture and Playgrounds that share their novelties in the creation of playgrounds, training areas and street furniture The appointment, which is celebrated of the 14 to the 16 June in […]

AFAMOUR will address in the Forum of Cities the design of children's games and urban sustainability

Look at Jimenez, president of the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Urban Furniture and Playgrounds, will participate in the fifth edition of this meeting in the Spanish capital, which coincides with the TECMA Fair and is held in the 14 to the 16 June at the IFEMA venue in Madrid The president of AFAMOUR will share a dialogue, […]

AFAMOUR, present at the TECMA Fair in Madrid with a showroom

The Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Urban Furniture and Playgrounds will share its novelties and innovation in the sector during the second edition of the International Fair of Urbanism and Environment, which is celebrated in the capital of Spain of the 14 to the 16 June The President of Afamour participates in the Forum of […]

Play in childhood, fundamental element in the health of children

Playing is a necessary activity for all children, to have fun and also to boost their cognitive development, affective, as well as your physical health. By relating while playing, learn from others, acquire roles and strategies, and copy behaviors and attitudes, facing fears and helping them in their development and personal growth. The game […]

AFAMOUR and AEP sign a collaboration agreement

The past 17 in March, the framework agreement between the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Urban Furniture and Playgrounds was initialled (AFAMOUR) and the Spanish Association of Landscapers (AEP) Look at Jimenez, president of AFAMOUR, with José Luis Romeu, President of the ASP, signed an agreement establishing a collaborative relationship that encompasses […]

Accessible parks, a right and a necessity

Childhood, that period of time in which the human being begins to develop, to discover the world, to feel the present with an intensity and a pure curiosity. A moment that must be taken care of, by necessity and by right. The little ones should be able to enjoy a healthy development, sure, full. That's how it is. […]

AFAMOUR SUM. The union of professionals in the sector for a common benefit

In the Association of Manufacturers of Urban Furniture (AFAMOUR) we work to facilitate the relationship and knowledge between companies, sharing the problems of the sector and serving as a representation in the country's business forums. The same, we intend to provide advice regarding regulations in labor matters, environment and sustainable development. With this […]