The latest AEPJP webinar encourages children's space management teams to move towards child-centered management and spaces where they can play and learn in nature

The AEPJP and Afamour have organized the webinar #HablandoEnVerde: "The playgrounds of tomorrow in our cities. Living childhood". An event that has been followed live through the YouTube channel of the AEPJP and on its Facebook page during the morning of 30 September. More info here

AEPJP and Afamour will discuss the playgrounds of the future in a new webinar #HablandoEnVerde

La AEPJP y Afamour organizan un nuevo webinar #HablandoEnVerde “Los parques infantiles del mañana en nuestras ciudades. Living childhood". Un evento que se podrá seguir en directo el 30 of September from 12 hours, through the AEPJP's YouTube channel and facebook page. More info here

The benefits of playing in the park for learning, development and growth of children

From the earliest childhood, the leisure space par excellence of the little ones is the park, or the square, we have all created our first anecdotes between the walls of the class or between balls and cambs under the trees of an urban park. This is why, children need play spaces where […]