Play in childhood, fundamental element in the health of children

Playing is a necessary activity for all children, to have fun and also to boost their cognitive development, affective, as well as your physical health. By relating while playing, learn from others, acquire roles and strategies, and copy behaviors and attitudes, facing fears and helping them in their development and personal growth. The game […]

AFAMOUR and AEP sign a collaboration agreement

The past 17 in March, the framework agreement between the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Urban Furniture and Playgrounds was initialled (AFAMOUR) and the Spanish Association of Landscapers (AEP) Look at Jimenez, president of AFAMOUR, with José Luis Romeu, President of the ASP, signed an agreement establishing a collaborative relationship that encompasses […]

Accessible parks, a right and a necessity

Childhood, that period of time in which the human being begins to develop, to discover the world, to feel the present with an intensity and a pure curiosity. A moment that must be taken care of, by necessity and by right. The little ones should be able to enjoy a healthy development, sure, full. That's how it is. […]

AFAMOUR SUM. The union of professionals in the sector for a common benefit

In the Association of Manufacturers of Urban Furniture (AFAMOUR) we work to facilitate the relationship and knowledge between companies, sharing the problems of the sector and serving as a representation in the country's business forums. The same, we intend to provide advice regarding regulations in labor matters, environment and sustainable development. With this […]


At AFAMOUR we care about your well-being and safety. Therefore, we are attentive to the changes that in the Regulations, affect the Playgrounds and Training Zones so that you are up to date and have a clear design, performance and execution of the playground. The main changes included in Order TMA/851/2021 regarding […]

What are the essential criteria for designing a playground??

Play is an inherent activity of the human being through which we have learned to relate in different areas of our social life, familiar, etc. It is considered as part of the human experience and is present in all cultures.. Playing outdoors provides different benefits to children that favor their […]

Playgrounds Why are they so important? Benefits and elements that improve the user experience

Playgrounds are spaces where children create memories, learn to relate and boost skills such as imagination or emotional intelligence. That is why, so in the development of a project of play space outside, it is necessary to make the most of this space and know the elements well […]

The latest AEPJP webinar encourages children's space management teams to move towards child-centered management and spaces where they can play and learn in nature

The AEPJP and Afamour have organized the webinar #HablandoEnVerde: "The playgrounds of tomorrow in our cities. Living childhood". An event that has been followed live through the YouTube channel of the AEPJP and on its Facebook page during the morning of 30 September. More info here

AEPJP and Afamour will discuss the playgrounds of the future in a new webinar #HablandoEnVerde

La AEPJP y Afamour organizan un nuevo webinar #HablandoEnVerde “Los parques infantiles del mañana en nuestras ciudades. Living childhood". Un evento que se podrá seguir en directo el 30 of September from 12 hours, through the AEPJP's YouTube channel and facebook page. More info here

The benefits of playing in the park for learning, development and growth of children

From the earliest childhood, the leisure space par excellence of the little ones is the park, or the square, we have all created our first anecdotes between the walls of the class or between balls and cambs under the trees of an urban park. This is why, children need play spaces where […]