European Commission's ban on microplastics

In playgrounds and sports areas... Will the European Commission's bans on microplastics affect?

28 Nov 2023 present

The European Commission's ban on the manufacture and marketing of products considered to be microplastics, does not affect playground safety flooring or tiles made from recycled rubber granules, since the rubber particles are agglomerated with resins.

The past 25 In September, the Official Journal of the European Union published the EU Regulation 2023/2055 of the Commission, where a series of prohibitions on the manufacture and marketing of products considered to be microplastics. This particularly applies to artificial turf sports fields with rubber substrate.


Football pitch


What are considered microplastics??

The Microplastics They are materials composed of tiny plastic particles, of which, at least one 1%, are less than a diameter of less than 5 Mm.

Pavements and tiles used in parks and sports areas, They use recycled rubber agglomerated with resins, which prevents rubber particles from being considered loose microplastics and, therefore, do not fall into the category of products affected by the ban. Agglomeration with resins helps hold rubber particles together, contributing to the safety and durability of these products, while conforming to established regulations.


The main affected: Sports Fields

The European Union restricts in the period of eight years, Rubber filling of sports fields, Not artificial grass. The new EU Regulation 2023/2055 of the Commission bans the manufacture and marketing of microplastics, such as rubber used as a substrate in artificial turf pitches, From the 17 October 2031. The most commonly used polymeric infill in artificial turf pitches is rubber granulate, that comes from end-of-life tyres, and is commonly referred to as SBR.

It is important to clarify that playgrounds and sports areas are not affected by this restriction, since each children's area must have and comply with the UNE-EN Regulations 1176 – 1177 which establishes, and among other things,, than the safety height of playground equipment created by each manufacturer, It must be taken into account when installing the safety flooring, with the fall height of it. This means, that there should be at least a rubber floor height of 3 cm and onwards, The component is mixed with the resin that allows the granulometry to be compacted in its on-site installation and the wear process to be slower.

By the installation process of both recycled rubber tiles, such as the installation of continuous rubber flooring, There is no restriction on the continuation of each work in outdoor areas.


Football pitch