Accessibility chain

Accessibility Chain: Inclusive Spaces for All

9 Oct 2023 present

The Accessibility Chain

In Afamour, We recognize the importance of Accessibility at all stages of the experience in children's play areas, training or water games. The Accessibility Chain is crucial to ensure that each individual, no matter your skills, can fully enjoy these spaces. From decision-making to rest and recovery, Every Step Matters.

1. Decision-making

For those facing mobility challenges, Leaving home is not simply a matter of choice, but careful planning. Therefore, It's important Provide comprehensive information on the accessibility of areas, Enabling individuals and families to make informed decisions for a hassle-free experience.

2. How to get to the leisure area?

Accessibility is built into every step of the journey. From perfectly designed routes to unobstructed connections with reserved parking and public transportation, It's essential Ensure that getting to leisure areas is as easy as enjoying them.

3. How to access and circulate inside?

Once inside, Accessible Design Comes to Life. Every entrance should be designed to be synonymous with openness and every area would have to be barrier-free. Colour contrasts and carefully selected textures make it easy to find your way around, while obstacle-free areas ensure everyone can explore in comfort.

4. How to play/train?

Recognize the Diversity in play and training needs is key. Elements must be designed that meet the criteria of universal accessibility and safety standards, ensuring that every child and adult has the opportunity to participate fully, regardless of their capabilities.

5. How to rest and recover?

Inclusive spaces are not limited to activities; They are also places to rest and enjoy. In Afamour, We think it's important Create Accessible Rest Areas, Equipped with climate resources for continuous comfort. Each bank, Trash and fountain should be carefully selected to ensure that everyone can enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable experience.