Universal Design Afamour

Principles and objectives of universal design

19 Sep 2023 present

In the constant search to improve the quality of life of communities and promote inclusion, the Spanish Association of manufacturers of street furniture and playgrounds (Afamour) recognises the importance of applying the principles of Universal Design in products and projects. Beyond functionality and aesthetics, Universal Design stands as a design philosophy that seeks to create accessible environments, safe and welcoming for all people, no matter your abilities, Skills or Needs.

Designing for Equal Use

One of the pillars of Universal Design is equality of use. This implies that the game elements, Training and street furniture should be easy to use for all people, without excluding any. The goal is to provide similar or equivalent media for all users, avoiding stigmatization or exclusion of any group.

Flexibility as the Key to Design

Flexibility is another fundamental principle of Universal Design. Elements of street furniture and playgrounds should be adapted to a wide range of individual preferences and abilities. This includes considering right-handed and left-handed alternatives, as well as for people of different sizes, Ages and Mobility Levels.

Simplifying the Experience

Simple and functional use is essential in Universal Design. Products should be simple to understand, regardless of experience, knowledge, User's language or concentration level. Unnecessary complexity must be eliminated, and instructions should be intuitive and clear.

Information Understandable to All

Effective communication is key. Elements of street furniture must provide information in an understandable way, even for people with sensory disturbances. This involves the use of different forms of information, as graphics, Verbal Feedback and Tactile Cues, in addition to ensuring an adequate contrast between the information and its environment.

Prioritizing Safety

Safety is a fundamental concern in Universal Design. Hazards and adverse consequences of accidental or unintentional actions should be minimized. The arrangement of the elements should minimize the chances of risks and errors, Protecting all users.

Minimizing Physical Effort

Universal Design seeks to ensure that products can be used efficiently and comfortably, with minimal physical effort. This means that users can maintain a neutral body position while using the item and that repetitive actions and physical exertion are minimized.

Space & Size for All

Spaces and size are fundamental to Universal Design. Elements must have adequate spaces for approximation, scope, Handling & Use, no matter the size, User's posture or mobility. In addition, They should offer a clear line of sight and reach for both standing and seated people.

Goals that Enhance Inclusion

Afamour has also committed to eight goals that complement the principles of Universal Design:

  1. Fit body: Products should accommodate a wide range of body sizes and abilities.

  2. Comfort: Desirable limits of the body's functionality and perception should be considered.

  3. Conscience: The information for use should be easily perceived.

  4. Comprehension: The methods and ways of operation and use must be intuitive and clear, minimizing the chances of error.

  5. Welfare: Products should contribute to improving health and preventing disease and injury.

  6. Social inclusion: All groups should be treated with dignity and respect.

  7. Customization: Opportunities for choice and individual preferences should be incorporated.

  8. Cultural Property: Products must respect and reinforce the cultural values and social and environmental context of any design project.

Afamour's commitment to Universal Design demonstrates its focus on creating public spaces and products that are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also accessible and inclusive for all people. By applying these principles and objectives, contributes to the construction of more egalitarian and healthy environments, promoting social participation and the well-being of the community as a whole.

Agreement between Afamour and Fira de Lleida for Muncipalia 2023

AFAMOUR will participate in Municipalia 2023

4 Sep 2023 present

Fira de Lleida and AFAMOUR sign a collaboration agreement with important benefits for members, within the framework of MUNICIPALIA 2023

With the aim of strengthening and transforming the urban furniture and playground sector, A transcendental agreement between the Fira de Lleida and the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Urban Furniture and Children's Playgrounds (AFAMOUR) Within the framework of the MUNICIPALIA Hall 2023.

The Fira de Lleida, Recognized for organizing relevant trade fairs and trade shows, and AFAMOUR, The unified voice of street furniture and playground manufacturers nationwide, have joined forces to achieve concrete goals, the main one being that of foster cooperation and generate a positive impact on the sector.


1. Increased Visibility

AFAMOUR is committed to promoting this collaboration through various channels, Informing your associates. This includes placing banners on your website, Publishing content on your blog, sending informative emails to its members and including news about the event in its newsletters and social networks.


2. Sharing Relevant Information

AFAMOUR will have access to share the news generated by Fira de Lleida in the context of MUNICIPALIA 2023 with its members. This will allow AFAMOUR members to keep up to date on news and developments in the sector.


3. Exclusive Discounts

Fira de Lleida will offer a Discount of the 10% in the exhibition space to all AFAMOUR member companies who participate in MUNICIPALIA 2023. In addition, A discount of 20% on the ground for the Afamour institutional stand if you wish, Not including decoration or other services.


4. Featured Presence

The AFAMOUR logo will be exhibited in all MUNICIPALIA promotional material 2023, including the website, emails and all official event materials.


5. Training & Development

A standout feature is the ability to carry out Conferences and training sessions aimed at technicians, Councillors, Mayors and professionals in the sector. This will allow solutions to be shared, Knowledge and best practices.


6. Ongoing Cooperation

AFAMOUR and Fira de Lleida will collaborate on joint initiatives that benefit both parties and the industry as a whole, not only in MUNICIPALIA 2023, but also in the long term.


This collaboration, signed by ORIOL ORÓ TRILLA, General Manager of Fira de Lleida and, MIREN JIMÉNEZ AZPILICUETA, President AFAMOUR, for MUNICIPALIA 2023 It represents a tangible example of how strategic cooperation can drive innovation and growth in an industry. Promises to deliver an exceptional exhibitor experience, visitors and the entire sector.