Next publication of the Accessibility Guide: Thinking about users

26 May 2023 present

Objectives towards which the Association of Manufacturers of Urban Furniture and Playgrounds focuses (AFAMOUR)

There are still many different barriers that people with disabilities encounter, that prevent real socio-labor inclusion. Therefore, The companies involved must meet this challenge by making concrete commitments to the Universal accessibility.

The Spanish Association of manufacturers of street furniture and playgrounds, AFAMOUR, has a significant role in this regard, since, Not only brings together and represents these companies, but also participates in the lives of children and adults, contributing to offer them game experiences and challenges so that all people participate fully in all activities.



Therefore, Work is underway on a Accessibility Guide with the main purpose of offering users of collective spaces in cities, as well as those responsible for its design, Planning and construction, A rigorous and didactic document that reflects the Universal accessibility requirements.

Specifically, AFAMOUR wants to make the content of the new TMA/851/2021 regulation, of 23 July, regulating the rights of persons with disabilities and their social inclusion.



To do this, This Guide will focus on the following 10 Objectives:

  1. Promoting inclusive awareness in the processes of creating new public spaces that take into account all citizens.
  2. Helping to ensure equal opportunities, Non-discrimination and universal accessibility from the design designed for all people.
  3. Encourage the creation of activity spaces inclusive that are engaging and stimulating for users and companions.
  4. Allow all users can enjoy the experience of playing and doing physical exercise in the public space under conditions of equality.
  5. Enhancing family involvement Dynamic and equitable sharing of public play areas, Sports and leisure.
  6. Facilitate access, The stay and enjoyment of space to all users taking into account its multiple capabilities.
  7. Provide appropriate responses to the stimulation of motor skills, Cognitive, Sensory, social and emotional.
  8. Promote business innovation within the sector to make play areas and physical activity areas attractive and challenging.
  9. Encourage the development of professional ethics in compliance with universal accessibility and inclusion regulations for new facilities.
  10. Convey an optimistic and positive goal to the industrial sector and citizens: the inclusion of all users and companions.

All these objectives are encompassed in one main and the most important: that companies help spread The basic criteria of universal accessibility in new urbanized spaces.