Recycled and recyclable materials, Protagonists of urban furniture and playgrounds

12 Jan 2023 present, Afamour

Energy saving, Environmental contribution and increased safety are the main benefits of components with a second service life

The use of polyethylene from recycling provides safety and durability to play spaces


Trends in the manufacture of urban furniture components and playgrounds have evolved in recent years towards recycled and recyclable materials. In Afamour, our partners are committed to the use of new components with a second life for the benefit of the environment and in line with the Circular Economy.

We defend that the mixture of recycled plastic with recycled polyethylene in the materials of our children's play areas gives these spaces greater durability. We highlight among its main benefits the resistance and the low need for maintenance.

Next to this material, We also point out the use of recycled rubber through old tires that become padded floor and that contribute to safety and reduce the risk of physical damage or injury by playground users..

For the construction of playgrounds with recycled material, required, depending on the dimensions, since 300 until 1.300 kilograms of recycled plastic.

The innovative recycling process

In recent years, Recycled plastic profiles have replaced as materials used in the installation of playgrounds and urban furniture others such as steel and wood. The use of this material involves a previous process of which the partners of Afamour are part.

First of all, Waste managers collect plastic containers from yellow bins for separation and shredding. Then, They are transformed into compressed plastic to build the profiles with different sizes, Thicknesses and shapes. The subsequent union of these pieces allows us to manufacture urban furniture, Children's play areas and even training areas.

The reuse of wood is also part of this recycling process and Circular Economy that we defend in Afamour. A material that also has very similar characteristics in durability and robustness.

Respect for the environment, The contribution to the sustainability of the planet and energy savings, and the commitment to more durable materials that provide greater safety to users of playgrounds and urban furniture are part of the objectives and commitments of Afamour. For this reason., Our partners defend, Create and use recycled and recyclable materials in their products.