Afamour has the 90% of fitness areas that are installed and certified in Spain

The installation in public spaces of workout and calisthenics areas increase physical activity among citizens with exercises for all levels.


Convert urban furniture in public spaces into elements that favor physical activity and increase healthy habits among the population is one of the objectives of the Outdoor installation of fitness parks and calisthenics. In Afamour are well aware of this reality, A reality of which more and more local administrations and neighborhood entities are part. Proof of this is that We have installed the 90% of this type of areas that are certified in Spain.

In recent decades, The commitment of cities to the promotion and promotion of healthy values has increased the implementation of fitness parks Outdoor. An action that is part of the agenda of good practices of many entities and that is aligned with the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development of the United Nations, as the Objective 3 'Health and Wellness’.

To this institutional commitment is added the change of habits among citizens. In this sense, the researcher Pepa Casado D'Amato collects in the book 'SmartCity Trends'’ that there is a “growing interest in well-being, Physical health and sports activities in the city”. It also affects that favoring interpersonal relationships – in this case, through the areas of sport- “It plays a fundamental role in the integral development of the person."


Health Benefits

The practice of outdoor physical exercise It involves a series of Complementary benefits to the sports activity itself. In this sense, a final degree project on 'Design of an outdoor sports facility’ of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, points out that by combining exercise with the body's exposure to the sun, Dopamine levels are boosted, Serotonin and endorphins. A statement that is supported by a artículo científico de ‪Jo Thompson Coon published in 2011 and which shows that “Training outdoors can improve well-being and self-esteem”.

In addition, Outdoor training favors continuity and adherence to physical exercise, As the researcher points out, Marianne Lacharité-Lemieux in a New academic publication. “Several studies show that you tend to exercise outdoors for longer or more than between four walls”, Adds.


The selection of fitness elements

Afamour, As a reference association of urban furniture companies, has a Guide to recommendations for success in creating a children's play area and training area. Among the 12 Good practices, There is a section dedicated to the selection of the elements of Fitness.

The publication de Afamour establishes a List of fitness equipment depending on the users and the purpose:

  • Street work out, Suitable for trained youth and teenagers, with an interest in the practice of calisthenics
  • Cross fit, that combines several disciplines and allows the training of all user groups
  • Cardio, with level of effort adapted and open to the training of users with different states of physical fitness
  • Maintenance fitness for seniors, Designed for disease prevention and socialization

Also, The guide states warns about a number of Common mistakes when installing a training area:

  • Choose sports elements with Inadequate designs with no understandable indications for use that do not favor real and efficient physical exercise
  • Situate Sports and training elements in a children's play area
  • Place sports and training items in an inappropriate area, No shade, Drinking water or lighting, since it is advisable to encourage the practice of sport in all seasons and the greatest number of hours of the day
  • Select Sports and training items for use by elderly people with inappropriate designs and not very inclusive


These recommendations from Afamour are a perfect example of the commitment to quality and excellence of our associated companies, that add up to the 90% type of fitness areas installed and certified in Spain.