Afamour shares in Symposium Urban Solutions the good practices in the creation of urban parks

15 Sep 2022 present, Afamour

Look at Jimenez, president of the Association, will deliver a lecture at this reference event, which is celebrated in Vigo del 20 to the 22 September

Afamour partners such as Ases XXI also participate, Iberian HPC, Kompan Iberia and Sanpe Engineering

The appointment, organized by the Cluster of Renewable Energies of Galicia, revolves around four thematic blocks: towns, lighting, energy and mobility

Urban Solutions Symposium, congress that takes place in Vigo del 20 to the 22 September, will be attended by Afamour, the Spanish Association of manufacturers of street furniture and playgrounds. Look at Jimenez, president of the Association, will intervene in the session 'Cities. Urban Parks’ of this event, which aims to become a reference event for sectors such as energy, lighting, mobility, urban infrastructure, the facilities and everything related to the cities.

The President of Afamour will deliver the conference 'Guide of good practices for the creation of a park’, Wednesday 21 September, from the 9.30 hours. A space for reflection and dissemination in which Miren Jiménez highlight the importance of ensuring user safety and security in urban parks, commitment to excellence and quality standards, and developing the capacity to adapt to technological changes and cultural.

After the intervention of the president of Afamour, it will be the turn of the lectures given by members of the Association. In the framework of the session 'Cities'. Urban parks', the technical director at Ases XXI, Jose Maria Fariñas, will address 'The importance of accessibility in Playgrounds and training areas', whereas the commercial director at HPC Ibérica, Eloy Bossom, share your professional and business experience in the conference 'Design of inclusive parks. Criteria'.

They will also intervene in this space of Symposium Urban Solutions, the commercial director at Kompan Iberia, Jaime Lopez Moreton, which shall pronounce the presentation 'Outdoor Fitness as an engine of sustainable cities', and the technical director at Sanpe Ingeniería, David Santos, will intervene with the presentation 'Safety in children's areas'.

The best solutions for today's cities

As transmitted from the organization of Simposium Urban Solutions, city-related solutions have become increasingly important in the conscience of the leaders of the cities and in the manufacturers' roadmap, engineering and service companies.

This congress has made a interesting program of presentations and an exhibition area. In this way, Professional, companies, administrations and the general public will be able to know the best solutions that exist for the cities of the present and the future, and with spaces dedicated to networking.

The choice of the city of Vigo as the headquarters of Simposium Urban Solutions is aligned with the commitment of agents from multiple sectors to be at the forefront of all this knowledge and that strives for its implementation in all the development actions of its city.

Symposium Urban Solutions is organized by the Cluster of Renewable Energies of Galicia. Cluergal is an open and multidisciplinary organization in which technologists have a place, Promoters, distributors and in general entities related to the renewable energy sector and energy sustainability.

See the Urban Solutions Symposium program.