Play in childhood, fundamental element in the health of children

Playing is a necessary activity for all children, to have fun and also to boost their cognitive development, affective, as well as your physical health. By relating while playing, learn from others, acquire roles and strategies, and copy behaviors and attitudes, facing fears and helping them in their development and personal growth.

Spontaneous play, free and safe, promotes creativity by encouraging maturity. Through play, little ones begin to understand how things work, by simple observation and repetition, as well as to express themselves, since it is the medium in which they move best.

Through play, children communicate their feelings, Thoughts, or situations they are experiencing. A way to know the emotional and personal situation a child is in, is to see how he plays and how he relates to the rest of his teammates while doing it. In addition, is the most important activity to consolidate their social relations, as well as their intellectual capacity.

In this way, the game is focused as an integrative and global activity in which the functioning of the whole body is involved, it also acquires a very significant role, because the strategies it promotes help to improve learning processes.

The game provides skills that allow them to explore new realities, be in alert states, develop sensitivity to perceptions, problem-solving skills, strengthen decision-making and reaction skills. Playful proposals in the school environment stimulate and support a wide variety of cognitive skills, Social, communicative and even maturing.

The game must pose both physical and intellectual challenges to provoke in the little ones, desire to excel. A playground should encourage these actions, otherwise, the child will get bored and will stop fulfilling the function for which he was created.

Playing is essential for children's health, that's why, so from Afamour, we advocate for promoting playground infrastructures adapted to the needs of all users and their companions, providing them with all the security, accessibility and comfort, both in the design, as in the furniture, so that they can play with absolute freedom.

Children's playgrounds, places to create memories and life.