AFAMOUR and AEP sign a collaboration agreement

The past 17 in March, the framework agreement between the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Urban Furniture and Playgrounds was initialled (AFAMOUR) and the Spanish Association of Landscapers (AEP)

Look at Jimenez, president of AFAMOUR, with José Luis Romeu, President of the ASP, signed an agreement that establishes a collaborative relationship that covers all those aspects in which both parties have a mutual interest; that collaboration and connection will be taken into account in the interests of the parties, as well as that each specific work or project proposed will be the subject of a specific agreement.

In addition, for all works and projects will have the collaboration of the facilities and staff of AFAMOUR and AEP that in each specific agreement is determined.

This agreement will have a minimum duration of one year, extendable to successive annual periods by consent of both parties.

From AFAMOUR we want to show our gratitude to the AEP for joining this collaboration agreement, and we are convinced that the future will smile at the projects in which both associations embark.