AFAMOUR, present at the TECMA Fair in Madrid with a showroom

26 May 2022 present, Afamour

The Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Urban Furniture and Playgrounds will share its novelties and innovation in the sector during the second edition of the International Fair of Urbanism and Environment, which is celebrated in the capital of Spain of the 14 to the 16 June

The president of Afamour participates in the Cities Forum, that takes place in this appointment and that is entitled "The diverse city that cares, integrates and welcomes visions from childhood, ageing, gender urbanism and social policies"

AFAMOUR, the Spanish Association of manufacturers of street furniture and playgrounds, will participate in the second edition of the TECMA Fair to publicize its novelties and its latest advances in innovation in this sector. The appointment, which takes place from the 14 to the 16 June, is held at IFEMA Madrid.

A total of 12 companies from the urban furniture and playgrounds sector will give life to the AFAMOUR showroom in the second edition of the International Fair of Urbanism and Environment. In this space, the partners and professionals of these companies will share the most innovative and efficient products for the creation of playgrounds and training areas. All this, with the aim of being an active part of the transformation of cities that aspire to be more sustainable, Healthy, Accessible, inclusive and participatory.

Companies linked to AFAMOUR as Ases XXI, Avant Serveis, Benito-Novatilu, Urban environment, Huck, Agapito Industries, Isaba, Kompan, Mobipark, Myparque, Paidiki, Savia and Sanpe Ingeniería will show through their products the commitment to an urban future that faces environmental challenges with elements designed to reduce the carbon footprint, promote children's development and learning and improve people's well-being. Three commitments aligned with the spirit of the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Street Furniture and Playgrounds, that ensures to maintain product quality standards in the sector.

The strategies in product development and innovation actions promoted by the national companies that will be present in this showroom of the TECMA Fair place AFAMOUR at the forefront in the development of the sector. The management of leisure and health spaces by companies entails healthy and social benefits, in addition to improving and multiplying green spaces in urban areas.


The TECMA Fair will also host the Forum of the Cities of Madrid, returns to offer a transversal look at the world of urban management and the role played by actors. This space, that offers networking opportunities to cities, industry organizations and local governments, will have the participation of the president of AFAMOUR, Look at Jimenez.

The Forum, with the title "The diverse city that cares, integrates and welcomes visions from childhood, ageing, gender urbanism and social policies", will offer debates on the theme of the new urban economies and dozens of good practices will be heard, as well as social innovation projects.


The second edition of the International Fair of Urbanism and Environment will be held at IFEMA Madrid 14 to the 16 of June and is aimed at professional groups who want to know in detail the novades in urban equipment and environmental solutions.

In TECMA you can find the latest developments in products in the sector, through showrooms such as AFAMOUR. It is also scheduled to organize meetings and conferences with experts in topics of the sector, a unique opportunity to strengthen relationships with current suppliers and meet new companies.

TECMA Fair Program




Play in childhood, fundamental element in the health of children

Playing is a necessary activity for all children, to have fun and also to boost their cognitive development, affective, as well as your physical health. By relating while playing, learn from others, acquire roles and strategies, and copy behaviors and attitudes, facing fears and helping them in their development and personal growth.

Spontaneous play, free and safe, promotes creativity by encouraging maturity. Through play, little ones begin to understand how things work, by simple observation and repetition, as well as to express themselves, since it is the medium in which they move best.

Through play, children communicate their feelings, Thoughts, or situations they are experiencing. A way to know the emotional and personal situation a child is in, is to see how he plays and how he relates to the rest of his teammates while doing it. In addition, is the most important activity to consolidate their social relations, as well as their intellectual capacity.

In this way, the game is focused as an integrative and global activity in which the functioning of the whole body is involved, it also acquires a very significant role, because the strategies it promotes help to improve learning processes.

The game provides skills that allow them to explore new realities, be in alert states, develop sensitivity to perceptions, problem-solving skills, strengthen decision-making and reaction skills. Playful proposals in the school environment stimulate and support a wide variety of cognitive skills, Social, communicative and even maturing.

The game must pose both physical and intellectual challenges to provoke in the little ones, desire to excel. A playground should encourage these actions, otherwise, the child will get bored and will stop fulfilling the function for which he was created.

Playing is essential for children's health, that's why, so from Afamour, we advocate for promoting playground infrastructures adapted to the needs of all users and their companions, providing them with all the security, accessibility and comfort, both in the design, as in the furniture, so that they can play with absolute freedom.

Children's playgrounds, places to create memories and life.

AFAMOUR and AEP sign a collaboration agreement

The past 17 in March, the framework agreement between the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Urban Furniture and Playgrounds was initialled (AFAMOUR) and the Spanish Association of Landscapers (AEP)

Look at Jimenez, president of AFAMOUR, with José Luis Romeu, President of the ASP, signed an agreement that establishes a collaborative relationship that covers all those aspects in which both parties have a mutual interest; that collaboration and connection will be taken into account in the interests of the parties, as well as that each specific work or project proposed will be the subject of a specific agreement.

In addition, for all works and projects will have the collaboration of the facilities and staff of AFAMOUR and AEP that in each specific agreement is determined.

This agreement will have a minimum duration of one year, extendable to successive annual periods by consent of both parties.

From AFAMOUR we want to show our gratitude to the AEP for joining this collaboration agreement, and we are convinced that the future will smile at the projects in which both associations embark.