AFAMOUR SUM. The union of professionals in the sector for a common benefit

28 Mar 2022 present, Afamour

In the Association of Manufacturers of Urban Furniture (AFAMOUR) we work to facilitate the relationship and knowledge between companies, sharing the problems of the sector and serving as a representation in the country's business forums. The same, we intend to provide advice regarding regulations in labor matters, environment and sustainable development.

To this end, from Afamour, we provide values with which the associated companies are identified and that are identifying signs of commitment, well-being and innovation.

Commitment for excellence in the sector, providing solutions and creative actions, sustainable and safe in the management and design of playgrounds.

In our essence is to be faithful to a design of children's areas that puts users at the center, as well as being an engine of directional change that promotes the positioning of companies in the sector.

Welfare, fostering through our work, values such as corporate responsibility, diversity, inclusivity and love for a stage as important for human beings as childhood.

Innovation, being flexible and proactive in the face of technological and cultural changes, favoring the introduction of new ideas in the technical field, social and economic, with the aim of improving the quality in the provision of the services we offer.

With the AFAMOUR SUMA philosophy we intend to show the honor that supposes, for our Association, to have our associates because, thanks to the different areas in which they carry out their activities, your values, professionalism and constant desire for improvement, make the projects have the maximum guarantees.

Become part of Afamour, become an associate and start adding, providing all the best that identifies you, together with the companies that form the Association of Manufacturers of Urban Furniture.