Accessible parks, a right and a necessity

Childhood, that period of time in which the human being begins to develop, to discover the world, to feel the present with an intensity and a pure curiosity. A moment that must be taken care of, by necessity and by right.

The little ones should be able to enjoy a healthy development, sure, full. This is how it is collected in the beginning 7 of the "Declaration of the Rights of the Child" of 1959 and in articles 23 and 31 of UNICEF's "Convention on the Rights of the Child" of 1989.

Like this, as responsible for protecting children's leisure spaces, we owe ourselves to the task of promoting a game as a service to guarantee for all children, as it fosters curiosity, provides joy, pleasure and satisfaction, stimulates the desire for self-improvement, favors the internalization of norms and patterns of social behavior, as well as encourages the development of physical functions, Psychic, affective and social.

Because from the earliest childhood, the leisure space par excellence of the little ones is the park, or the square, we have all created our first anecdotes between the walls of the class or between balls and cambs under the trees of an urban park. We must take care of these spaces where the first memories are created through a sensitive and responsible management, that drives you to play, to imagine and learn.

What is needed to be able to encourage the game in the little ones? Time, conditioned spaces, playmates and elements that promote a leisure in which there are challenges, eagerness to excel, and awaken courage, the creativity and strength of the little ones.

In this way, playgrounds must be a space of guarantee for the enjoyment of equitable leisure, with the perspective that each improvement project, or the creation of a playground, it must be born from the vindication to the right to play and enjoy urban nature in equality for children with different abilities, Like this, these must have minimum standards of:

Accessibility and security: Create a play space where all children can enter and move safely

An inclusive social perspective: A playground is a space where boys and girls enjoy play, it is essential to generate a place where positive social values such as respect for nature are promoted, friendship and companionship.

Along with this vision there must be a series of elements that every park must include in order to have the necessary accessibility for the enjoyment of anyone regardless of what their abilities are..


The main entrance has to be accessible, just as the roads should be formed by flat terrain (anti-slip flooring); or otherwise, an alternative accessible route must be offered. In addition, they must be well signposted and offer all the necessary information for their use and enjoyment (schedules, alternative routes, Precautions...).

Today wheelchairs and, especially children, guarantee full mobility since they adapt to different types of terrain and even have LED lights that help the activity to be carried out safely, even if it gets dark.

Like this, shared roads must have minimum dimensions that guarantee the passage of pedestrians, bicycles and wheelchairs without any user being in danger.

In this way, the seats and benches that are in the park must be ergonomic and must have a backrest and arm rests. Like this, comfort will be assured for all park users.

So important is the space and how it is accessed, as the game elements that make it up. These have to be designed for the curious and social soul of children., so that they must follow universal accessibility criteria, being dynamic, that guarantee the use by all children, as well as chromatic and texture contrasts between the different game elements must be introduced, in order to promote spatial orientation and user perception.

Playgrounds should be child-centered, but also in the people who care for them and love them, who are there at all times taking care of them, observing how they interact and form in playgrounds.

Like this, the look with which a playground should be designed should also be directed at them, with open spaces where they do not lose sight of their little loved ones, easily accessible, and also with colorful elements and games that favor dynamism in leisure, so that they can create meaningful memories, in which years later they can be reflected.

From AFAMOUR we work with the utmost affection and professionalism to all users who use playgrounds, which is why we promote a philosophy of accessibility, respect and care through our Accessibility Commission. A working group that is at your disposal.

"Someone made a circle to leave me out, I made a bigger one to INCLUDE US ALL."