What are the essential criteria for designing a playground??

19 Nov 2021 present, Afamour

Play is an inherent activity of the human being through which we have learned to relate in different areas of our social life, familiar, etc. It is considered as part of the human experience and is present in all cultures.. Playing outdoors provides different benefits to children that favor their body development, mental and social.

To achieve these goals, it is necessary to establish a set of basic guidelines with which to start planning the playground, starting with the design of the outdoor area of the play space, which must include:

– Accessibility in the area, in game elements and services.

– Do not create differences between games or areas, to promote integration.

– Delimited and safe spaces, friendly and suggestive landscape.

– Elimination of unevenness by adapting the terrain to make it accessible.

– Relationship zones for parents and companions.



On the other hand, in the playground must be included:

– Game elements selected for versatility in terms of possible use.

– Care in the choice of pavement.

– Dimensions for access with a companion.

– Incorporation of protection elements.

– Manipulation games with sensory experiences.

– Informative signs and braille language integration.

Before building the park, we must study different aspects of the area where it will be located. Care must be taken to ensure that the play areas have as many hours of sunshine as possible during the winter months, and shaded areas during the summer months, taking advantage of nearby buildings that can cast shade on the park, as well as the existing vegetation in the area.

In addition, it will be necessary to know the prevailing winds, to try to avoid them in cold months and to be able to dispose of them in warm months. The situation in relation to the environment is also important, looking for the best views for the areas of stay and trying to avoid inconvenient relationships (noise, visual pollution, etc.), in the living areas and in the game elements themselves.

When choosing the game elements that we will include in the park, we will take into account the following criteria:

– Choosing fun elements that any child could play with.

– Take into account the importance of choosing elements that favor physical and social activity.

– Give all children equal opportunities (to swing, swing, play and interact)

– Getting rid of prejudices such as that a child with a disability can, You can't, or don't want to do certain things.

From Afamour we work in the work of promoting playgrounds, where all users can fully enjoy the play and entertainment spaces of the cities, and, above all, so you can learn, develop and grow by playing.