Playgrounds Why are they so important? Benefits and elements that improve the user experience

17 Nov 2021 present

Playgrounds are spaces where children create memories, learn to relate and boost skills such as imagination or emotional intelligence. That is why, so in the development of a project of play space outside, it is necessary to make the most of this space and know well the right elements for the environment and the little ones.

Like this, the managers of these spaces must take into account the children, but also the older ones who make use of sports equipment, putting all users at the center of development.

Benefits of designing a playground

An outdoor park with green areas is a space where people can improve their health through sport, socialization and promoting the physical and cognitive development of children.

The design of a park should focus on users, in how they interact with it, and more when we talk about the development of a playground, since the little ones are in ages full of curiosity, in which they seek to connect with the medium through play.

Choosing the right elements, it can favor the physical and psychological state of the people who interact in it, as the release of stress, physical improvement, or the development of psychomotor and cognitive skills in the little ones.

When we plan an outdoor recreation space, we must ensure that our park provides all these benefits and many more, but how can we achieve this??

The first thing we will do is choose the theme of our park, and for this, in Afamour we have associated professionals who can help you in this task.

Thereafter, our main goal is to encourage parents to bring their children to play, and that the little ones want to return more days, so it is preferable to opt for chord elements for the whole family.

A user-centred playground, should have rubber floors, with different texture and color for walking and recreation areas, specific play elements for people with disabilities, fences with a maximum height, signage, and a good maintenance service with which to maintain the regulatory parameters of use of public space.

Children's play environments in cities are spaces where the little ones create memories, develop physically and psychologically, as well as adults can spend time with their children, grandsons, Nephews, Cousins. Establish a suitable environment to build unforgettable positive memories, people-centred, that is the main objective of the design of a playground.

From Afamour, we work in the work of promoting playgrounds, where all users can fully enjoy the play and entertainment spaces of the cities, and, above all, so you can learn, develop and grow by playing.