News new projector for sports facilities

16 May 2018 Afamour

NOVATILU launches the Apollo, the new LED projector for football pitches and sports facilities

Big energy savings, zero maintenance and high quality chromatic.

Manufacturer of Lighting and Urban Furniture NOVATILU, expert in efficient lighting, creates a new family of high-powered LED projectors (up to 1200W) designed to provide solutions for lighting of sports stadiums, football fields, car parks and other large areas.

An estimated saving of up to one 50%, its zero maintenance and a chromatic quality with a CRI always superior to 80, are three compelling reasons to justify changing the outdated light sources present in most sports facilities in the country, by this innovative projector. If you also add a design designed for maximum adaptability to any fastening system, the resulting one is a product of a very simple installation, without replacing existing columns or towers.


On a technical level, the APOLO has the latest in LED technology:

  • Micro reflector system compatible with lenses 2×2, ensuring maximum fidelity to the lighting project. The APOLO is a high-precision laser-adjustable machine, fully adjustable and capable of reproducing a light study to the millimeter.
  • Its different modules can be oriented independently in a range of 180o.
  • It has been made of an aluminum and magnesium alloy, material that perfectly ensures thermal dissipation, ensuring a lifetime of LEDs more of 120.000 hours.
  • Anti condensation valves so moisture buildup does not damage electronic circuits.
  • Watertight IP66 level.
  • Components 100% compatible with the standard format ZAGHA.
  • Up to 1200W of power.
  • Two 4000k and 5000k color temperatures.